Meet the Team

My team is a brilliant group of people who are extremely dedicated to learning the latest orthodontic procedures and techniques, and to providing the highest level of care to our patients. They are friendly, outgoing, and the most pleasant group of people with whom I am blessed to spend my working hours.

— Dr. Eberting




Office Manager

“I love being a part of such a wonderful team with such a great purpose!”

Gresha joined our office with 17 years of experience in orthodontics and oral surgery. She oversees the office, giving leadership and support to our staff and assisting the doctors and team in any way she can.

Gresha was born and raised in East Tennessee. She has two amazing children and a significant other who has given her two bonus children. Gresha loves spending time with her amazing family!




Orthodontic Assistant

“The best part of my job is seeing patients happy about their progress with braces and their new smile.”

Abbigail joined our office in 2022, where she assists Dr. Eberting with patient care and a wide range of orthodontic procedures. She also prepares patients for exams and treatment.

Outside of work, Abbigail loves spending time with her husband and daughter. She also enjoys watching scary movies and swimming.




Orthodontic Assistant

“I like being part of a team that pulls together to create beautiful smiles!”

Adriana works in our clinic where she assists the doctors with different procedures. She also educates and supports our patients during treatment.

Outside the office, Adriana likes to play soccer and loves spending time with her kids, Fernando Jr. and Ivan.




Clinical Coordinator - Maryville team

“I work hard every day to give our patients confidence and beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime!”

Alexus attended Dental Staff School of Knoxville for her RDA certificate. Previously, she worked as a sterile technician and a laboratory technician making retainers for patients.

Outside of work, Alexus enjoys the outdoors including hiking, biking, and snowboarding. She loves spending time with family and her pet Marble any chance she gets!




Lab Technician / Orthodontic Assistant

“I love when my patients are excited about getting their braces and leave with a big smile full of metal!”

Anabel, a registered dental assistant, assists Dr. Eberting with a range of orthodontic procedures, in addition to managing the clinical area, maintaining inventory, and fabricating appliances. She also provides translation services for our Spanish-language patients and families.

When she’s not working, Anabel enjoys time with her beautiful daughter Zelda. She loves being outside on warm days, running, dancing, taking walks, camping, and swimming. She also enjoys being a couch potato every now and then too!




Insurance Coordinator

“I love building relationships with patients and their families, and helping them understand and get the most from their orthodontic benefits!”

Brooke assists our patients and parents with matters related to both Tenncare and private insurance. She verifies coverage, submits claims, and works on denials and escalations. She also does research to locate missing payments and execute contracted adjustments.

Outside of work, Brooke enjoys spending time with her family.




Marketing, Scheduling, and Treatment Coordinator

“I love the team I work with, the doctors, and mostly my littlest of patients. I think the biggest thing for me is seeing the transformations that happen at the end of treatment. It’s rewarding to be part of people’s journeys to their simply extraordinary smiles!”

Calista wears multiple hats for us. She works on our social media and handles marketing for the office. She also answers the phones, helps with checking in and out, and reviews treatment and financials with patients.

Born and raised in East Tennessee, Calista spends much of her time with her three children: Madison, Kaelen, and Macy June. She loves going to the mountains in the spring and fall, Friday pool days, refurbishing rustic furniture, and volunteering with her church.




Orthodontic Assistant

“My favorite part of my job is bringing smiles to our patients and seeing the progress and outcome of treatment!”

Jada assists the doctors with treatment procedures, gives patients detailed instructions, and performs orthodontic tasks as assigned by the doctor.

Born and raised in Maryville, Jada loves traveling and enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She also likes shopping and enjoying warm weather.




Scheduling Coordinator / Orthodontic Assistant

“I love seeing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of patients’ treatment and the change in the confidence in people’s smiles!”

Julianne is a clinic team member, assisting the doctors in placing brackets for braces. She also provides patient care, offers updates, and encourages patients to keep up with their home care.

Her children keep Julianne busy outside of her work hours. She’s the mother of a young daughter and son and enjoys time with them, her family, and friends.




Bilingual Patient Coordinator

“I like getting to know our awesome patients and watching their smiles transform over time!”

Latrice is an integral part of our front office. She organizes documents, schedules patients, and provides translation and interpretation services for patients and families.

Among her many interests outside of orthodontics, Latrice enjoys playing the piano.




Orthodontic Assistant

“I enjoy assisting the doctors and being part of a team that makes our patients happy with the outcome of their smile!”

Lizeth, a member of our clinic staff, works closely with the doctors during a range of orthodontic procedures.

Away from work, Lizeth likes spending her free time with her friends and her animals. She has two dogs and one chick.




Orthodontic Assistant

“I like watching each patient’s progress from beginning to end and seeing their happiness with their smile!”

Lynsie assists the doctors, chairside, with procedures. She also takes X-rays and provides care and instruction to patients.

All of Lynsie’s free time is dedicated to being with her young son, Easton.




Clinical Coordinator - Morristown and Knoxville teams

“I love putting smiles on children!”

Marilyn is an orthodontic assistant who works in the clinic. She assists the doctors with placing braces and provides patient education and encouragement.

Much of Marilyn’s free time is spent with her fiancé, four children, and their dog. An outdoorsy family, they are grateful to live close to a national park. They also love to treasure hunt for antiques.




Orthodontic Assistant

“I love that I help people and am part of a team that makes sure everyone gets a smile they are happy with!”

Shawna works in our clinic where she organizes materials and keeps all of the tools and equipment sterilized. As she says, “nothing is too small to make an impact on smiles!”

Shawna is currently engaged to her best friend and the couple enjoys pursuing many adventures. They’re animal lovers and also love outdoor activities and festivities. Crafting projects keep Shawna occupied in what free time she has.



Oscar Bean

Mascot and Greeter

“I love walking around the office and making new friends. I especially love it when people want to pet me!”

Oscar is our mascot and patient greeter extraordinaire! Since Oscar is a black pug, his dental education is limited. He knows words like “outside,” “food,” “upstairs,” and his name. He’s not so great with “come” or “sit,” but we’re working on it! Oscar enjoys his time in our office, mostly because Dr. Eberting caters to his every whim, our team takes him outside for walks, and Missy keeps treats for him in her office.

Oscar came to live with Dr. Eberting as a birthday present to his son in 2015. He spends a lot of time sleeping and eating. He loves to go outside and lie on the driveway in the sun. Oscar has been known to bark at people he thinks are strangers. They’re usually scared of his imposing size (not really). He also tends to bark at people on whom he can smell cigarette smoke. If he does this to you, he’s really sorry, but he’s just looking out for your health and wellness!



Administration Lead/Insurance Coordinator

“My heart is here to help. My favorite part of my job is being able to help others, whether that is our employees or patients!”

Brittany joined our office in 2018. She is here to manage our administrative team, welcome new staff members into the Eberting Orthodontics family, and handle all insurance-related matters for our patients.

Brittany and her husband have an amazing little boy and a dog named Bear-Cub. They are also foster parents and help children in the community whenever they can. Additionally, Brittany enjoys being an active member of her church.



Orthodontic Assistant

“I love being a part of a team that creates beautiful smiles for our patients!”

Cloey began her career as an assistant in 2020 and joined Dr. Eberting’s team in 2022. Since joining our staff, she’s become like family!

At home, Cloey has three beautiful daughters with whom she enjoys making memories.



Front Office

“The best part of my job is interacting with so many different people every day.”

One of the newest faces at Eberting Orthodontics, Kristy assists new and existing patients with scheduling their appointments, and answers patients’ questions in person and over the phone. She is excited to learn all there is to know about orthodontics!

Kristy and her husband Randy have been married for ten years. Their family consists of their two-year-old daughter, 15-year-old niece, German shepherd named Jaxx, and cat named

Penelope. Kristy loves taking road trips and reading in her spare time.