Meet the Team

My team is a brilliant group of people who are extremely dedicated to learning the latest orthodontic procedures and techniques, and to providing the highest level of care to our patients. They are friendly, outgoing, and the most pleasant group of people with whom I am blessed to spend my working hours.

— Dr. Eberting




Orthodontic Assistant and Spanish Interpreter

“I love when my patients are excited about getting their braces and leave with a big smile full of metal!”

Anabel, a registered dental assistant, assists Dr. Eberting with a range of orthodontic procedures. She also provides translation services for our Spanish-language patients and families.

When she’s not working, Anabel enjoys time with her beautiful daughter Zelda and her partner Ezequiel. The family rarely makes plans, preferring to live in the moment and spontaneously decide what to do.




Receptionist and Orthodontic Assistant

“I love speaking to the public and building relationships with our patients!”

Brittany assists Dr. Eberting during various orthodontic procedures. She also works in our reception area and schedules appointments for patients.

A newlywed, much of Brittany’s free time is spent with her wonderful husband Aaron. Faith is important to Brittany and she enjoys time at her church, as well as with family and friends.




Orthodontic Assistant

“I like watching our patients’ confidence grow as their teeth begin to improve!”

Chasity, a registered dental assistant, provides direct patient care and education. She also assists with placing braces and other procedures, and works in our lab making retainers.

When she’s not in the office, Chasity enjoys arts/crafts, music, movies of the 90s and early 2000s, anything related to Halloween, swimming with her son, and visiting Savannah and Tybee Island in Georgia.




Orthodontic Assistant

“I like seeing the changes that happen during treatment and the end result of beautiful smiles and happy patients!”

Kyah works in our clinic, where she assists Dr. Eberting with patient care and a range of orthodontic procedures.

Originally from central Florida, Kyah loves living in Tennessee. She values time with family and friends and can’t stand being still for too long. She loves to travel and explore, spend time on the lake, and being outdoors.




Practice Manager

“I enjoy building relationships with the parents and children we treat and seeing the amazing results of their orthodontic treatment!”

Missy keeps our practice running smoothly. She handles HR matters, including negotiations for employee benefits, overseeing personnel policies, and processing employee payroll. She also manages the daily schedules and accounts receivable, and ensures we are compliant with state and federal guidelines.

Missy enjoys living in the Knoxville area. She appreciates the farmers markets, church festivals, and many venues in the downtown area. She loves time with her grown son and family, friends, her church family, and her three Chihuahuas and kitty.




Insurance Coordinator

“I love dentistry and orthodontics and love coming to the office every day! There is nothing boring about my job: receiving pre-authorization approvals from the insurance company is exciting because I know we are going to make a difference in the patient’s life!”

Patricia handles all patient-related insurance matters for the practice. These include filing insurance pre-authorizations, processing claims, and tracking and posting insurance payments.

Patricia has two sons and a grandson, and has been a widow since 1997. She and her husband were married for 36 years. She is the music director at Rockford Baptist Church and director of the church’s annual fall festival, too. Patricia loves the outdoors, whether she’s camping, boating, fishing, or hiking.



Oscar Bean

Mascot and Greeter

“I love walking around the office and making new friends. I especially love it when people want to pet me!”

Oscar is our mascot and patient greeter extraordinaire! Since Oscar is a black pug, his dental education is limited. He knows words like “outside,” “food,” “upstairs,” and his name. He’s not so great with “come” or “sit,” but we’re working on it! Oscar enjoys his time in our office, mostly because Dr. Eberting caters to his every whim, our team takes him outside for walks, and Missy keeps treats for him in her office.

Oscar came to live with Dr. Eberting as a birthday present to his son in 2015. He spends a lot of time sleeping and eating. He loves to go outside and lie on the driveway in the sun. Oscar has been known to bark at people he thinks are strangers. They’re usually scared of his imposing size (not really). He also tends to bark at people on whom he can smell cigarette smoke. If he does this to you, he’s really sorry, but he’s just looking out for your health and wellness!

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